• FleishmanHillard’s new report assesses the global ‘Techlash’

    June 14, 2019

    FleishmanHillard’s has released a new global report entitled: ‘From Darlings to Damaged: Managing the technology sector’s reputation in an age of heightened scrutiny’. The report includes survey results from 1,000 consumers each from the US and the UK about their feelings and engagement with technology companies as well as insights and opinions from industry experts, heads of tech companies, academics and FleishmanHillard’s tech specialists from around the world. The article below was written by Crispin Mäenpää...

  • #FHYearOfChange: Which issues should be on your radar in technology past 2019?

    July 30, 2018

    2019 represents the “Year of Change” for the European Union (a new European Parliament, a new political leadership for the European Commission, and the formal departure of the UK as a member of the EU). With the European elections coming up in 2019, Senior Vice President and Director of Public Affairs, Teresa Calvano, notes what issues you should have on your radar in the technology sector. Artificial intelligence (AI), data and blockchain are set to...

  • FleishmanHillard Cybersecurity Roundtable Summary

    October 6, 2017

    On Thursday 5 October, FleishmanHillard held a roundtable entitled “Commission’s 2017 Cybersecurity Strategy: How will it impact your business?”. The event brought together over 40 industry representatives to engage in a lively discussion with Gemma Carolillo, Policy Officer in the Unit on Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy, DG Connect and Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General of the European Cyber Security Organisation. Following lunch, Agata Pavía, VP & Head of FleishmanHillard Technology Team, opened the roundtable as Ms. Carolillo...

  • Roundtable on Commission’s New Cybersecurity Strategy

    September 22, 2017

    On Thursday 5th October, the FleishmanHillard Technology Team is pleased to organise a Roundtable on the "Commission’s 2017 Cybersecurity Strategy: How will it impact your business?".  We are delighted to welcome Mr. Jakub Booratynski, Head of Unit on Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy in DG Connect and Mr. Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General and founder of the European Cyber Security Organisation who will help up understand  the key elements of the new Strategy, and the ENISA mandate. 5 October...