• State of the Union 2018: Juncker’s focus on the EU’s global role

    September 17, 2018

    While Juncker did not announce many new legislative proposals in his State of the Union speech, he instead focused on the importance of the EU as a global player, which was a central theme to his speech.   As an official welcome back to work, and kick starting his final year as President of the Commission, Juncker took stock of achievements and provided a forward looking view for the next year in the annual State...

  • 16 Months to Deliver and Build the Future of Europe: A Few Take Aways from President Juncker’s 2017 State of the Union Speech

    September 15, 2017

    During what is seen as a defining moment for European Commission President Junkers legacy, the ‘State of the Union’ speech on September 13, Juncker delivered a speech that was passionate and very personal and as expected very pro-European. Reflecting on the change of circumstances from the last speech like this in 2016 where there was a sense of existential risk for the EU following Brexit, and the upcoming elections in France and elsewhere, he sought...