Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at FleishmanHillard Brussels


“At FleishmanHillard, we value individuals for who they are, as they are. We are committed to ensuring that the workplace is a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable. This is why we nurture the creativity and open-mindedness that a multi-cultural, diverse, and inclusive setting brings. It fosters a variety of opinion and understanding which helps strengthen our employees to achieve their personal and professional goals. We value growth and we believe that everyone should be given the chance to reach their full potential.

Our office wants to become a leader in this field – we want to make sure that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion become central to our business both internally and externally.

To achieve this vision, we are actively learning about what it truly means to champion individuality. We are putting plans in place to ensure that we can become the best we can be, and we are creating an open and safe space to allow for healthy discussions on how to make this happen.

By doing this, we will not only help our employees become more rounded individuals, but we will also enhance how we conduct and transform business throughout the value chain and with clients. Together, we can create a culture of respect, understanding and inclusivity that benefits us all.”

Thibault Jacobs, FleishmanHillard Brussels Vice President

Nationalities & languages in our Brussels office


Our Path Forward

    1. Hiring
      We are incorporating diverse practices into how we hire. We are working towards a system where applicants can submit anonymised resumes to avoid bias evident in the hiring process. We will also introduce standard questionnaires that new potential employees are asked to fill in upon application. Ultimately improving the hiring process ensures everyone has an even footing and a fair chance for gaining employment.
      Please, for more information on our recruitment process click here.
    2. Work
      To improve our DE&I practices in our everyday work, we are taking steps to ensure every employee is aware of what an inclusive workplace looks like. During our onboarding process, we have made unconscious bias and equality training mandatory for all. We hope to help challenge and educate us all on what better practices look like. We also strive to incorporate this vision into the work we undertake with all our clients and third-party contractors. We support local businesses who share similar commitment and values.
    3. Community
      We also understand that not everyone has an equal start in life. That is why we want to create a community connection within Brussels and give back to the city. We organise a volunteering day each year for our employees to help in the community, and we also take part in career fairs and job saloons in schools and the community in underprivileged areas.  Finally, as part of FH4Inclusion, we give a two-hour pro-bono creative workshop to one NGO each year to provide our support to their projects.