So, what is an influencer?

Brett Kobie, Laurence Childs

The term ‘social influencers’ has become a industry buzzword. The most common definition is ‘someone with a large social following.’

It makes sense to collaborate with influencers based on what they can offer. As Brett explains in his video, the main purpose of working with social influencers is to drive purchaser intent or to raise awareness. Yet, they can also help to effect change in a highly specific policy area or impact certain individuals. Therefore, it’s important to recognise that they not only have a large following, but they can also be followed by the right people.

Working with an influencer that has 50 followers can make sense if these followers represent your target audience. In the end, influencer campaigns can be a valuable tool, not just to gain attention, but to build credibility.

If you’re interested in working with a social influencer then we’d also recommend watching Brett’s video on the best practices. Brett suggests to collaborate with influencers and respect their personal brand. This helps them feel more comfortable working with you and also means that the content you produce together retains a more authentic feel.


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