#FHYearofChange: What are the key questions you are going to be asking yourself in the EU’s year of change?

Jacques Foul, Teresa Calvano

2019 represents the “Year of Change” for the European Union (a new European Parliament, a new political leadership for the European Commission, and the formal departure of the UK as a member of the EU).

With the European elections coming up in 2019, Senior Vice President of Financial Services, Mette Grolleman, encourages others to get engaged now in writing the future of Europe. To truly engage in the upcoming changes in the EU, one needs to listen to what the MEPs are already discussing now and then begin to ask some difficult questions for the future.

What are these questions that you should be asking? Grolleman shares her advice on what you need to be figuring out for yourself and how to use that to hold influence and be successful in the future of Europe.

While the new elections may not be for another year, that doesn’t mean that you can afford to wait to start engaging and influencing. Stay tuned for more insights from the FleishmanHillard team on how you can take hold of this year of change.