How can your messages reach a communications sweet spot?

Louise Day, Laurence Childs

Continuing the DSC video series comes a short piece from Louise, giving us advice on how to hit the communications sweet spot when building a communications campaign. You’ll have to watch the video for the full rundown of what to do, but our main takeaway is to find your unique voice or perspective.

In a society where millions of actors are constantly fighting for attention, the best way you can carve out a space for yourself is by positioning yourself and your messaging as something different and providing content that people can’t get from anywhere else. If you want people to listen to you it’s important to give people a reason to listen. If you make the effort, you can cultivate a loyal audience and become known for the unique service/messaging/advice that you specialise in.

Feel free to watch more videos where Louise shares her expertise. In a more recent video, she talks about social influencers and how we can work with them in a Public Affairs environment.