#RightByHer Campaign: Supporting Women's Rights in Africa

Earlier this year, the German NGO Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) approached our Brussels office for a new video project.

After the #TrumpetHealth video campaign, they wanted us to help raise awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) issues for women in Africa.

In other words, DSW wanted to convince EU legislators to insist on strong SRHR language and provisions in the EU-Africa partnership that we expect to see renewed and strengthened later this year.

As part of these efforts, DSW asked us to produce a video highlighting key statistics about the current status of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for women in Africa. We would then use these statistics in an online campaign under the slogan #RightByHer.

We received this request soon after our colleague Jacques Foul had visited our office in Johannesburg office. This was a business trip organised as part of FleishmanHillard’s EMEA Connect program.

Inspired by his visit, and more aware of the production capacity in Johannesburg, we proposed a different approach to DSW. We wanted to avoid abstract animated illustrations. We preferred to humanise the statistics by filming African women and making them the focal point of the video.

Our team in Brussels worked with DSW to write the script and storyboard. We were grateful to receive invaluable insights and advice from our team in Johannesburg. They led the production and delivered the footage to our Brussels office, where we took care of editing and finalising the project.

Watch the final result below and read more about the #RightByHer campaign here.