#FHYearofChange: What's the biggest gorilla in the room when it comes to talking about a long-term climate strategy?

Chris Davies, Teresa Calvano, Jacques Foul

With the European elections coming up in 2019, FleishmanHillard Advisory Board Member Chris Davies explains that finding a realistic solution to climate change remains a key priority.

He believes that carbon capture and storage needs to be supported by governments in Europe so we can make sure that emissions going in the atmosphere are dramatically reduced. Similarly to renewable energy, this technology needs to be commercially justified in order to generate real results.

2019 represents the “Year of Change” for the European Union (a new European Parliament, a new political leadership for the European Commission, and the formal departure of the UK as a member of the EU).

Feel free to follow the link below if you want to read more about the other environmental issues that’ll be discussed in 2019.

#FHYearOfChange: Which environmental issues should be on your radar past 2019?