Carbon Removals Handbook: A FleishmanHillard policy guide to EU carbon sequestration

Brussels is embarking on its carbon removals journey to try to tackle the CO2 already emitted into our atmosphere and the CO2 emissions we cannot reduce. The first big milestone will be the European Commission’s proposal for a carbon removal certification mechanism (CRCM). The challenge will be in setting credible standards for both nature-based removals (such as forestry) and technology-based removals (like direct air capture). The plans for the publication of the CRCM have piqued the interest of some industries but have been greeted with confusion and uncertainty by many, as can be expected from a relatively novel and highly technical matter.

What this handbook therefore sets out to provide is an introduction to carbon removals for a general audience, including policy practitioners and businesses. Accordingly, we will first present an overview of the various types of carbon removal solutions (both nature-based and technological) available to the EU: the ‘Carbon Removals Menu’. This will be followed by an overview of the regulatory and political outlook for the certification of carbon removals, including the interaction of the EU certification framework with international initiatives. This should give a flavour of the major points of controversy between countries and stakeholders on this issue, to help you prepare for the upcoming legislative debates.

We hope this handbook will be helpful to you throughout our journey to credible carbon removals.

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