Why is research important in a communications campaign?

David Turier, Laurence Childs

Conducting research is key to fully understand how to gain the attention of an audience when building a communications campaign. The last thing people want with a communications campaign is to find themselves screaming out into the void, because they’ve failed to engage or interest people.

In this video, David explains three different forms of research tools that we use to better understand audiences:

Search Analysis: This analysis helps to collect data from web searches to identify which questions people are asking regarding your product, service or area. This also provides insight into the phrasing used and can help you tailor your own output to match it to the questions asked.

Social Analysis: This part enables organisations to understand the ongoing conversations on social media. What topics are people most engaged with and what are their opinions on you and your industry?

Perception Audit: Here, we take a more focused approach, surveying actors within the industry or areas you want to target. By taking smaller groups of highly relevant players in the conversation, we can discover what they think, and how they perceive your organisation and your area of expertise.

All these analyses are important methods used to better understand your audiences and create an impactful communications campaign. In the video below, David explains it all to you in far more detail:

If you are interested in hearing more about search analysis and how we use it, feel free to watch the video below where David explains the inner workings and why they matter.

Feel free to learn more about search analysis with this article on how organisations can own an issue online, as discussed during our annual Five Days events.

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