#FHYearOfChange: What are European politics going to look like in 2019?

Teresa Calvano, Jacques Foul

2019 represents the “Year of Change” for the European Union (a new European Parliament, a new political leadership for the European Commission, and the formal departure of the UK as a member of the EU).

With the European elections coming up in 2019, FleishmanHillard Advisory Board Member, Chris Davies, encourages businesses to prepare now for the upcoming changes in the EU.

Businesses are already spending a lot of money on analyses and studies to try to discern what the European Parliament’s makeup will look like after the elections. While some opinion polls and statistics may help with this, there are so many issues that will go into determining the outcome of the elections that businesses will need to identify their own messages and passions first in order to act on them come 2019.

As someone who spent 15 years in Parliament himself, Davies explains the importance of setting real, attainable goals and how to advocate those to the public and policymakers in the upcoming year of change.

While the new elections may not be for another year, that doesn’t mean that you can afford to wait to start engaging and influencing. Read more about our #FHYearofChange video series and stay tuned for more insights from the FleishmanHillard team!