FH Five Days: Social in 5

What will the Brussels digital and social media landscape look like in 5 years?

In the first session of FH Five Days, Brett Kobie and Louise Day discussed the future of EU policy advocacy in the face of developing trends in technology and social media. Brett introduced us to some of the possible new techniques to reach audiences, such as chat bots, and the new ways to make a campaign or experience stand out by incorporating technologies such as VR or AR.

Quite often, Brussels tends to lag behind when it comes to making use of new digital capabilities but Brett and Louise make it clear to us just how useful and easily employable some of these methods can be if we open our minds to them.

Through a series of mini-brainstorming sessions, the presenters show just how a campaign can be built out of these digital technologies available. Our main takeaway? It’s up to us, as communicators and public practitioners, to decide just how much we incorporate technological trends into our public relations.