The Future of FinTech Policy in Europe

In this video, FleishmanHillard’s FinTech team answers the strategic questions that will drive the EU FinTech policy debate in 2019.

Innovation has always been at the heart of financial markets. But the current wave of digitalisation has brought new challenges to market participants, regulators and supervisors all across the globe.

In Europe it will very likely lead to the next Commission taking more concrete action than what we’ve seen so far. Yet, there are still so many questions and so much uncertainty at this stage. So, in order to cut through the noise, our FinTech team has asked some of the more strategic questions which they think will shape the future of FinTech policy in Europe:

  • How far will dis-intermediation go?
  • How will competition in the Financial Sector be impacted?
  • How big are the clouds on the horizon?
  • What will be the data framework for the Financial Sector?
  • How much will member states be allowed to experiment?
  • How will EU policy makers apply ethics and good conduct rules to algorithms?
  • How do we tool up citizens with adequate financial education?