LinkedIn Update: Reaching niche audiences in Brussels

Jacques Foul

On August 30, our FleishmanHillard Digital, Social & Creative Team held a discussion on LinkedIn and the myriad of ways the Brussels people can use it to reach niche policy audiences with or without paid strategies. This was a follow up talk after Brett Kobie’s LinkedIn post and his podcast about the new possibilities for this platform in terms of video.

What were the event’s main takeaways?

  • LinkedIn enables people and organisations to reach specific audiences. Unlike other social media platforms where the size of the target audience is often the primary objective, LinkedIn’s strength lies in the fact it can be used to target very specific audiences, in very specific industries (particularly useful in the Euro-bubble).
  • Native auto-play video on LinkedIn will transform the newsfeed in a big way. This will allow users to be more creative on this professional platform. Through discussion at the event, it was clear that participants were inspired to take the opportunity to put their own unique spin on LinkedIn videos.
  • Finding the right balance between personal and company page is key. The fact that LinkedIn is a professional online platform enables users to connect with other people, rather than with organisations. Therefore, the best way to have an impact on LinkedIn is to imagine engaging with people in a place, between an informal “cocktail party” and a formal “boardroom”. In the end, the right balance will depend on the individual and his/her organisation. One tip for navigating this space: adding a personal angle on company news updates which tends to work well on LinkedIn.

After the event, our Digital, Social & Creative Team took the time to get reactions from the audience (see below).

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