Visually Explaining the TYNDP

Energy & Utilities

Do you know what ‘TYNDP’ stands for? We bet you don’t – yet. The Ten Year Network Development Plan is a plan which aims to complete the EU’s electricity infrastructure for the next decades, through hundreds of projects funded by over 150 billion euros’ worth of investment. This complex plan is carried out by ENTSO-E, the formal representation of transmission system operators in Europe.

ENTSO-E turned to FleishmanHillard Brussels to find a way to explain what the TYNDP is and how to make it understandable to energy policymakers and stakeholders alike. The goal was to visually communicate how the TYNDP is working toward the EU’s energy and climate goals, while at the same time reflecting the complexity of the important work ENTSO-E does through this plan.

This was a challenging exercise, as we had to break something highly technical down into a product less than two minutes long to be used as a versatile communications material. The final product came to be an animated video which illustrated the Ten Year Network Development Plan and effectively explained the plan to ENTSO-E’s target audience.