MedTech Europe

Telling the patient story to demonstrate value


When you think about the healthcare industry, what first comes to mind? Science, data, clinical trials… pills? How often do you consider the patient at the end of the supply chain who receives the treatment? To the healthcare industry, telling the story of the patient is central to communicating the value of what they do, and why they do it.

MedTech Europe approached FleishmanHillard Brussels to help develop one of their existing communications platforms. The goal was to amplify their powerful value message amongst EU policy stakeholders and expand the reach of patients and patient groups.

To combat the challenge, we are working to develop stories profiling ten passionate people driving patient advocacy at the EU level. The first video published interviewed the mother of a Lupus patient. In a touching video, the patient advocate spoke of what it is like to live with the condition and why it is so important for employers to understand the impact of the disease on the patient.  She also called for an open conversation on the condition. To make sure the message reached the right people, the video was targeted to a selected audience. You can watch the final product here.