The EU is one of the largest economic blocs in the world and pursues an ambitious trade agenda. Each of the ongoing and future free trade agreements negotiations are an opportunity for governments and businesses to gain access to new markets, remove tariff and non-tariff trade barriers, create additional demand for goods, services and boost investment opportunities. In a globalised world, companies also increasingly benefit from free data flows and lean and efficient trade facilitation and customs procedures. Trade policy is not static but in flux; the challenge of climate change and stronger focus on environmental and labour standards have taken a more prominent place in the EU’s trade policy.

FleishmanHillard is uniquely positioned to help you understand EU trade policy and the decision-making process behind it. Our trade team and its advisors have experience working both with public and private sector clients, among others helping to ensure the ratification of free trade agreements, as well as assisting clients with advocacy strategies to boost market access for their goods and services. We provide you with strategic advocacy and communications advice in free trade agreement negotiations. We help you shape the narrative around your industry or country and engage senior trade officials, company representatives and government officials in Brussels.

Our experienced trade team can provide you with:

  • strategic counsel on stakeholder engagement, including leveraging our relationships with the business community to increase your visibility both in Brussels and in EU Member States
  • traditional and integrated (digital) communications strategies that reach target audiences and shape public perceptions about your industry or country
  • define and develop your trade priorities and asks in bilateral and multilateral free trade negotiations
  • formulate a strong narrative about the relevance of trade to your business and society at large
  • the development of European and global initiatives by tapping into our worldwide network and resources