FH2050 practice

The global COVID-19 crisis has catalyzed Europe’s ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, placing the green recovery front and centre for all sectors.

Consumer awareness, global leadership and environmental and social resilience are examples of the drivers that will impact change.

For all companies, across all sectors, managing the regulatory and political environment and being part of the conversation will be an essential part of effective public affairs engagement in the post-COVID landscape.

Our FH2050 practice combines our deeply embedded sectoral expertise across transport, finance, technology, environment and chemicals, with the strength of our integrated communications and reputation management practice to help companies navigate the reputational, financial and legislative impacts associated with the transition to climate neutrality.

1. Policy Expertise

The myriad of regulatory and policy discussions around climate and sustainability pose numerous opportunities and challenges for organisations in all sectors. Translating policy discussions into business implications is essential to understanding what is on the horizon. It starts with understanding the political environment and the role that your organisation can play.

Across the financial sector and real economy, our FH2050 practice will deliver the policy expertise to paint a clear and holistic picture of the policy horizon. Our new practice will also look ahead to identify how your organisation can best understand and constructively engage with current discussions.

2. Climate and Sustainability Communications

Public demonstrations and policy discussions have shone the spotlight on the climate and sustainability debate. Consequently, these moments has strengthened the link between an organisation’s credibility and its position on sustainability. Making your voice heard and having an impact require authentic messaging and strategic communications.

FH’s experience and excellent track record in communications ensures that your voice cuts through and across with the right message and tone, to the right audiences. From video and content production to social media and media engagement, our team ensures that you are heard and understood.

3. Campaigning and Profiling

Communication on climate change and sustainability is increasing, making the landscape more complex and crowded. Our team’s extensive campaign expertise and creativity will tailor the right approach and tactics to communicate your views. We will also strengthen your profile and reputation in an increasingly complex media, policy and regulatory landscape. Supported by our European and global networks, our team can successfully support you to connect the dots globally.

4. Green Authenticity Gap

Climate action is listed at the top of global policy priorities for a post-COVID recovery. In this context, consumers’ and citizens’ expectations are increasingly attached to the environmental footprint of companies and human activity.

This poses a lasting challenge for companies to demonstrate the magnitude of their green efforts through their products and services. Our team help manage this Green Authenticity Gap by identifying the gap between expectations and how organisations are perceived.

5. Crisis Communication

The visibility of the climate debate amplifies the extent to which a climate-related crisis can impact company reputation. Managing customer expectations, media scrutiny and business strategy is a challenge that requires swift, efficient and specific action.

FH’s crisis, media and reputation experts evaluate and analyse causes and outcomes. They also identify priorities to ensure the good management of policy and reputation implications.