Buckle up for 2022: the year of connected mobility

The EU digital policy took center stage last year with the Data Governance Act, Artificial Intelligence Act and the revision of Network and Information Security Directive on the top of political agenda. This year however, EU policymakers will prepare the ground for true connected mobility. Halfway through its political mandate, the European Commission is set to deliver on its strategies for Data and Sustainable and Smart Mobility presented in 2020.

We expect to see major developments regarding new rules on multimodality of transport and liability for AI as well as preparatory actions for the launch of the Mobility Data Space, including the proposal for an overarching framework for data sharing as part of the Data Act. The connected vehicles industry will also get their fair share of attention under the upcoming European Chips Act aiming to address the semiconductor shortage in Europe.

Make sure you are sighted on the upcoming milestones for connected mobility and download our latest EU Connected Mobility Timeline. In addition to upcoming legislative and non-legislative initiatives, the timeline features relevant events organised by the French Presidency.