Do tech CEOs understand the importance of what's going on in Brussels? #FHYearofChange

Claudio Murri, Jacques Foul

After conducting a survey on tech companies in Brussels, FH Advisory Board Member Claudio Murri talks about what should be on these companies’ agenda for the upcoming European elections.

In our recent survey, we found that tech professionals have a good relationship with their leaders. Yet, they also claimed that they did not have enough resources to accomplish their jobs.

As Murri notes in a new #FHYearofChange video, the trend of seeing cuts in offices expenses for the sake of efficiency is to be questioned. Does this affect advocacy efforts? How much money is invested? What are the innovative ways they can use to efficiently communicate? Does this mean that companies need to follow this trend and adjust with more money?

These are key questions that the technology industry needs to answer. And especially at a time when populations in Europe are more engaged politically and have an easier access to information.

As said in a previous #FHYearofChange video, big tech is in trouble in Brussels. Giants in the technology sector have already seen the effects of regulations around data access, ownership and liability. It will be up to them to seize opportunities in their industry before 2019.