Making the most of waste residues from this blog

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As we set in for the winter months here are some waste residues that can be burned without subsidy or fear of eating up someone else’s much loved feedstock.

5 years ago: we heralded the arrival of the blogactiv platform from Euractiv and asked whether it was the future of the EU blogosphere? According to the Betteridge law of headlines the answer is ‘no’. I daresay the good folks at Euractiv would disagree.

3 years ago: we chuckled all day as an official Commission bio of the new Commissioner for Research was copied and pasted Wikipedia and therefore repeated an untrue rumor about the private life of the new Commissioner. Goes to show getting balance in a story is not all it’s cracked up to be.

1 year ago: The formidable Nick Andrews asked if the ‘leave us alone’ strategy has ever worked for industries under fire. His headline at least answered the question, although he slightly hedged it with a ‘not likely’. Whether you’re the financial services sector, big pharma, the biofuels industry or indeed just energy intensive the last 12 months suggests that Nick’s crystal ball had some truth in it.


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