Global chemicals producer

FleishmanHillard has global partnerships across the sectors we work in. In one example we have helped a chemicals manufacturer and distributor across a range of issues and regions. We have provided advice and support since 2002, beginning in a European capacity and growing to a worldwide partnership. Our challenge is to continually adapt and flex to the client’s specific needs from a communications perspectives, offering a full suite of services from regulatory and political advocacy to media and social media relations.

To date we have supported this client in developing a holistic corporate communications strategy, ranging from broad message coordination to thought leadership speeches and social media strategies. We have also both given training to the global leadership team on internal communications and given direct support to the rollout of internal communication strategies. In the area of government relations we have provided policy monitoring and issues management, as well as developed and implemented lobbying strategies on trade and regulatory issues. We have helped the client on the issues of media relations, corporate transaction support and crisis preparedness, and continue to grow our relationship with an expanding range of services on an expanding range of issues.