Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Food and beverage companies face new challenges almost daily, from childhood obesity to scrutiny about how food is produced, packaged and shipped. Companies are expected to adopt ethical, sustainable business practices from labelling, sourcing and animal welfare to environmental stewardship. FleishmanHillard’s team of European Union food and beverage specialists can:

  • help your organisation navigate policy issues, protect reputations and stay abreast of trends and other changes that could affect the way you do business
  • work closely with food manufacturers, R&D teams, nutritionists, health professionals, business associations, media, government, retail, and foodservice customers and producers
  • ensure that your clients’ messages take seed with all of these relevant stakeholder audiences

From nutrition communications, commodity and brand marketing to issues and crisis management, FleishmanHillard is dedicated to protecting and building your reputation and brands by allowing you to stay out in front of issues and trends.