Stay up to date on the REACH Revision with the FH timeline

Mathias Kirkegaard, Peter Holdorf
The FH REACH revision timeline is now available

The FH REACH revision timeline is now available


The European Commission is continuing its work on the proposal for revision of the EU’s REACH Regulation which is expected by the end of 2022. The Commission has launched multiple studies over the course of 2021 to support the impact assessment on the proposal.

To help you stay on top of these developments, the new FH timeline provides an overview of key dates throughout the European Commission’s development of the proposal for the REACH revision, including consultations, workshops and deadlines for studies.

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Revision of the REACH Regulation to achieve a toxic-free environment

The revision of the REACH Regulation is a cornerstone action under the Chemical Strategy of Sustainability to meet the European Green Deal’s ambition of a toxic-free environment.

The REACH revision is set to make several important changes to the EU’s main framework for the regulation of chemicals. These changes include, among others, a reform of key REACH processes such as Registration, Restriction and Authorisation. New concepts and measures will also be introduced in REACH such as (a) Mixtures Assessment Factor(s) (MAF) and an Essential Use Concept.

The revision of REACH will have significant impacts on producers and users of chemicals in Europe and beyond.

Studies and projects to support the Commission’s impact assessment

The European Commission has launched several studies and projects that will support its impact assessment on the REACH revision. This includes a project to provide horizontal technical and scientific support for the Commission as well as specific support on a number of key issues:

  • Establishment of a European audit capacity;
  • Introduction of additional information requirements on uses and exposure in REACH;
  • Update of REACH annexes for inclusion of data requirements on endocrine disruption;
  • Increased use of the concept of derived minimal effect level (DMEL) for non-threshold substances in REACH;
  • Development of an essential use concept;
  • Introducing a Mixtures Assessment Factor in REACH;
  • Extension of the generic risk management approach to further hazard classes and uses;
  • Reform REACH Authorisation and Restriction processes.

The FH timeline gives you the key dates to stay on top of these studies as they are finalised over the course of 2022 before the Commission presents its proposal.

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