'Hemicycle Views': Interviewing MEP Peter Kouroumbashev (S&D)

Our second ‘Hemicycle views’ interview was with Bulgarian MEP Peter Kouroumbashev, from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats (S&D). He joined the European Parliament two years ago and sits as a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. Hence, this is the first time he will see the European elections as an MEP himself. His career in politics is broad, having been twice elected as an MP for the Socialist Party. He has also been a councillor for the municipality of Sofia.

With this in mind, we asked MEP Peter Kouroumbashev:

  1. What are the impacts of the EU elections on the future European S&D Delegation?
  2. What do the EU elections mean for Bulgaria?
  3. What are the main issues on the digital agenda in which you have been involved?

Stay tuned for our next interview with MEP Elisabetta Gardini.

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