Roundtable: "Delivering Paris – the difficult part: Decarbonising the EU industry"

On 13 February 2018, FleishmanHillard is organising another “Energise Europe” roundtable. This edition will be dedicated to “Delivering Paris – the difficult part: Decarbonising the EU industry”.

Delivery of the Paris Climate Agreement is one of the driving strategic priorities of the European Union, as both a commitment to tackle the challenge of climate change, and an opportunity for Europe to show geopolitical leadership in the world. Establishing how Europe meets its Paris targets across the whole economy is still a major challenge however: the Clean Energy Package focuses on the energy system, but reaching the Paris targets requires a comprehensive approach.

The decarbonisation of the industrial sector is the next challenge. Industry will be essential to achieve the CO2 emissions reduction targets, not only because it is a large emitter but also because of its role as a solution provider. The scale of changes needed will be unprecedented and time is limited.

Electricity from renewable sources will play a key-role, but other technologies and fuels will be essential as well. Possible routes forward are the use of hydrogen converted from natural gas, and the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) pipeline networks, but progress on this since the inception of the climate policy framework have been limited. Are new technological options available now or in development a possible solution to this? What support can be expected from the EU to promote the terms of development of new technologies? What is most needed to manage the large-scale transition? How are companies addressing the costs?

Join us for a roundtable to discuss the path to a decarbonised economy across Europe, and to hear how ground-breaking projects can demonstrate the contribution of the gas sector and energy intensive industries to comply with the requirements of the Paris Agreement.  



–          Mark Driessen (Port of Rotterdam Authority) will explain the plans to create a CO2 collecting hub to serve industry installations in the Netherlands, and possibly in Belgium and Germany

–          Tony Smith (the Peel Group) will explain the plans to convert natural gas to hydrogen and carry this by pipeline between Liverpool and Manchester to serve a wide range of energy dependent industries, while through a parallel pipeline also collecting CO2 for permanent storage in depleted gas fields below the Irish Sea.

–          Chair: Chris Davies, Advisor to FleishmanHillard, former MEP and ALDE group coordinator in the European Parliament.


13th February 2018, 12.00-14.00

FleishmanHillard Offices, 35 Square de Meeûs, 1000 Brussels


A lunch will be served from 12.00

For more information and registration, [email protected]. RSVP by Wednesday 6th February.

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