Reforming The EU Emissions Trading System - FH Insights and Analysis

On 15 July 2015, as part of its ‘Summer Package of proposals’, the European Commission came forward with a legislative proposal to reform the EU emissions trading system (ETS). Referred to by one industry association “the largest industrial policy decision it [the Juncker Commission] will take in its entire mandate”, the proposal seeks to reform the currently underperforming ETS, the chief instrument to decarbonise Europe’s energy systems and meet Europe’s 2030 Climate & Energy targets.

In this analysis, the FH energy team delves deep into what changes the Commission is seeking to introduce in order make the ETS function more effectively. In addition, the document looks specifically at how the proposed reforms will affect both low carbon investors and Europe’s energy intensive industry.

Please find the FH Insights and Analysis here.

In addition, please find a timeline of all the key policy measures we can expect in EU Climate & Energy Policy over the next 18 months.