Reaching MEPs with Twitter ads: Lessons from our brainstorm sketchbook

Brett Kobie

What do we know about Members of European Parliament on Twitter?

We know from the 2015 FleishmanHillard European Parliament Digital Trends Surveythat 77% of MEPs have Twitter accounts and 61% say they follow social media conversations every day.

What does all this mean?

It means that Twitter has well and truly arrived as a channel where MEPs and their staff spend a significant portion of their time.

Paid Twitter content can often make sense as part of a larger public affairs strategy, allowing you to get the right eyes on your messages with measurable results.

But beware: 63% of MEPs surveyed say they click on ads on social networks, but most say they only “sometimes click”. This means that only the best content will grab their attention. It also means that ideally, you don’t make your audience have to click at all.

FH’s Digital and Creative team ripped a few pages out of its brainstorm sketchbook to give you an idea of which thumb-stopping Twitter-friendly formats you might try out. They’re all designed to communicate your key message and proof point in 15 seconds or less, without forcing your audience to leave Twitter.

Take two minutes to get the whole story in this short deck:



Or keep scrolling for higher-res versions of our sketchbook scribbles:

The expandable image:

The quiz:

The animated GIF:

The short video:

The short slide deck: