Enthralled and Excited? The Commission Work Programme 2013

European flag outside the Commission

Every year, the European Commission releases a work programme which outlines the legislative, as well as non-legislative, proposals that will initiated in the following year.

This year’s Commission’s Work Programme (CWP) for 2013, published on October 23rd 2012, promised to be particularly enthralling and insightful, given that it is the last CWP before the end of the Commission’s term in 2014. Why ‘enthralling and insightful’? Because it means that this is essentially the last opportunity for the Barroso II Commission to shape its legacy and potentially highlight what the EU could – or at least should – achieve to lift itself out of what is now the existential crisis it currently faces.

This week, a dedicated FH Brussels group of people have been monitoring the activities leading up to the CWP, have assessed the CWP itself and analysed the subsequent – and long-awaited – press release in order to produce a briefing with a fully-fledged summary and examination. The briefing covers all processes that led up to the 2013 CWP, provides insights and analysis of the (rather unexpected) legislative path that the Commission envisions for 2013, and an overview of the future of the Commission’s legacy.

Interested? For a full version of the briefing, please find a link to it on our FH Brussels website.


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