Brussels buzz words: the “FH tech spotlight”

Just like at national level, Brussels policy-makers and the wider stakeholder community regularly come up with “buzz words” – new jargon that outlines a crucial area that is grabbing the attention of the Brussels “bubble” at a specific point in time.

In the ICT space, we have over the last few years witnessed particular excitement around issues such as online content, eHealth, privacy, cloud computing, green ICT, and most recently the European Citizen’s Initiative.

In this time, in the FH Brussels technology team, we have looked at these areas, analysed EU policy and the regulatory environment around them, and identified threats and opportunities for business in Europe and beyond. Our thinking on these issues has been collated in a series of “FH tech spotlight” reports.

Click on the links below to read each one and let us know if you have suggestions for further reports! We are always looking for new ideas.