Mandelson and Google's grace and favour

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Some of the weightiest legislative dossiers of the current Commission may still be under discussion in Parliament and Council, but another Commissioner jumped ship today in the shape of UK Commissioner Peter Mandelson.

According to reports, Mandelson was unable to hide his joy at returning to the UK Cabinet. You may recall that Mandelson’s first stint as the UK’s industry minister was cut short in 1998 when he resigned following the disclosure that he accepted a home loan from a cabinet colleague to buy a house. His position in Cabinet did not afford one of the grace and favour homes available to others in government.

One wonders therefore whether he’d chuckle at what Google through up in its ads at the end of the Guardian’s online article on his return to Cabinet. Apparently, Mandelson should have no problem finding “Government Homes With Zero Money Down”.

Google's grace and favour

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UK Voter
October 05, 2008 | 12:09 PM

Mandelson is a discredited individual, albeit he may well have redeemed hinself somewhat at EU Trade Commissioner, but not enough, in my view to justify elevation to the Lords and a seat in the cabinet. Gordon Brown is desperate and it shows with this appointment.