How visible is your brand on Youtube?

Have you ever wondered how visible particular brands are on online social networks? There are some people who have. Visiting you can type any of 2337 brands (status for August 14th) and measure the level of their visibility on social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Technorati and many more, up to 22 metrics as it stands. After typing the brand, you will be given a special score, which describes the level of a brand’s social network popularity.

There is no doubt that the growing digital world is challenge for companies and indeed public affairs professionals like ourselves – how can our clients use digital to boost their recognition and improve their reputation? Indeed, digital presence is traditionally very difficult to measure. No longer it seems.  “We realised the need for HowSociable as more and more organizations were searching for ways to measure their social media activities.  We had ourselves casually tracked the increase in the number of Google results for our brand over the last couple of years. We felt the simplest thing we could so was make it easy to do that kind of tracking in a more serious manner” – says Jonathan Markwell from Inuda Innovations, the company responsible for launching on May 30th this year.

The tool is becoming more and more known. A week ago it had measured no less than one thousand brands! Inuda officials admit that the tool should reach profitability very soon. “We have many plans to improve HowSociable giving users the ability to see how their brand’s visibility changes over time. We are also looking to partner with marketing agencies that want to provide further enhanced metrics to their clients” adds Markwell. is not the only measurement tool which may be found when surfing the net. We have Twitter trackers, blog trackers and at worst Google ranking pages. But the solution from Inuda is certainly a useful tool that communications and digital public affairs professionals should keep an eye on.