Mirror, mirror on the wall...

It seems serial blogger Richard Corbett is locked in online battle with the evil forces of the anti-European movement over his reluctance to allow comments on his own blog. The dirty scoundrels have gone and created a mirror blog that is exactly the same as Richard’s blog with the sole exception that the spoof allows one to add comments. And yes, those comments have been rolling in from anti-Europeans in the UK in great numbers – 26 comments and counting on Richard’s post about the spoof site mirrored on the spoof site (complicated, but think about it).

Despite their tactics, we have a certain sympathy for the spoofers. We commented before that Richard’s blog, despite good content, does lack certain elements expected of a blog. In that case, we saw that Richard rectified a lack of links to other blogs in the days following our post. So we hope this time around that Richard does the thing that comes hardest and admits that he was wrong not to allow comments. By opening his real blog up for moderated comments, he can destroy the appeal of the mirror spoof site, gain some control over the comments posted, enter into a dialogue with his voters and even win praise from the blogosphere for doing so.


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April 23, 2008 | 12:36 AM

[...] Committee issues and write the post that is buzzing around his head. But he does allow comments, unlike some on the PES side, and would clearly be stoked should anyone, including industry, want to engage in a debate with him [...]