Blogs R Us

This great compilation of all blogs in anyway related to the EU got us thinking about our own (admittedly a little more self promotional) list of blogs. We thought we’d share it with you all. You never know, you may find something of interest outside your usual reading list amongst the posts written by some of FHers in Europe and globally.

To start with there is a blog by Micky B(erendt) on EU politics and policy on our corporate EU site. Until recently a key member of our Brussels team, Michael has a wealth of institutional and PA experience and now uses it to reflect from afar. Those of us who have benefited from his wisdom over the years are glad that the blog keeps him in our world. We’ve also already mentioned Pat Cleary in D.C. and the experiment, so we shall move on.

We don’t just do public affairs of course. There’s some real experts out there on everything from consumer and healthcare to tech and corporate PR. Many of our global practices have caught the digital wave buoyed by our CEO’s enthusiasm for it. Our energy practice, led by our cowboy boot wearing colleagues in Dallas and Houston, have an energy communicators blog. And boy, do Dick and the Johns know about oil and gas. Colleagues here in Brussels, such as Rob Anger and Teresa Calvano, contribute to a global blog on sustainability communications. The Digital team in London have a group blog on the use of digital in marketing communications and the Next Great Thing looks at mobile marketing in Asia! (Cool!). Finally, one shouldn’t forget Mark Senak’s Eye on FDA, focused on regulatory affairs in the pharma sector, which sets the standard for all of us.

Then there are blogs focused on communication to specific societal groups like the Boomers blog, the Hispanic communicators blog and the FH OutFront blog, which focuses on the Lesbian and Gay community. Eddy Evans, former London colleague and now an Englishman in DC, lends a hand here.

Finally, there are a host of FH people who write personal blogs. Jeff Weintraub, a god-like member of the DC team writes on DC politics and much more. Digital European leader Ben Mason in London writes his own on all things digital of interest and more.  Harald Simons in Amsterdam reflects on all kinds of stuff related to being an international communications consultant. And finally, we should mention David Lowry. While he hasn’t posted much recently, he goes to show that the resolutions of the European Parliament are read and reflected upon as far away as St. Louis!

If you don’t fancy putting this little lot into your RSS reader, then try this page on our corporate site, which handily aggregates the best posts from the raft of FH bloggers including those listed above.