Italy's comic turn

Liste Civiche Nuovo Rinascimento

Another Prodi government falls, albeit with at least some grace. The FT joins the recent chorus of English language newspapers reveling in a beautiful country’s ugly decline. Italy looks on with resigned disdain at a distant political class seemingly incapable of action. Perhaps it takes a comic to believe that some form of pride can be restored to the country through a hard hitting blog and a web-based election list where anyone can put themselves forward as a candidate?

Comic come internet activist leader, Beppe Grillo, chose yesterday the day of Prodi’s demise to launch his Civic Lists on his popular blog (available in Italian, English and Japanese). The lists are the promised follow up to the first Vaffa Day and his push for a popular law to clean up Italian politics. Potential candidates should not be or have been members of political parties or hold a criminal record to put forward their candidacy on the website for standing on lists for local elections. Can Beppe and his lists make a difference? Hopefully, yes, in some small way. Another Vaffa Day is due in April.