Takeaways of FleishmanHillard's Breakfast on Artificial Intelligence and Energy

Agata Pavia, Matt Hinde, Louis Dancourt

On Thursday 8 November, FleishmanHillard held a Breakfast event entitled ‘The future of energy: how will artificial intelligence impact the energy sector?’.

The event gave the energy sector representatives the opportunity to share their opinions directly with the Commission, represented by Head of Unit on New energy technologies, innovation and clean coal, Mr. Haitze Siemers, from the Directorate General for Energy.

Agata Pavía, VP & Head of FleishmanHillard Technology Team and Matt Hinde, Director of the Energy and Transport Practice, welcomed attendees to the Roundtable, while Claudio Murri, Senior Advisor in FleishmanHillard’s Local Advisory Board, provided an overview of the AI debate, before passing the floor to Mr. Siemers.

Mr. Siemers provided attendees with an overview of the Commission’s understanding and actions as regards the digitisation of the energy sector and the use of artificial intelligence technologies. The importance of data was particularly discussed as well as the questions surrounding the management of data in the energy sector, including in cross-border cases.

The development of connected objects also leads to considering the question of ensuring a cyber-secure environment.

In the long ensuing discussions, attendees shared the different challenges they see in the digitisation of their services. The questions of pricing and how to ensure prices can be affordable to consumers and remain flexible was well debated. Additionally, issues concerning the management of data from the collection of personal data to the sharing of data were discussed.

Furthermore, concerns about the implementation and workability of a digitised energy sector were deliberated.  Mr. Siemers concluded by underlining the need to work closely with the energy sector to better understand how the future energy market will be structured.