FH Five Days

Laurence Childs

For the third year running FH’s in-house Digital, Social & Creative Team are hosting #FHFiveDays – five days of free events for anyone working in EU affairs.

The sessions are designed to give you practical insights on incorporating a range of innovative tactics into your advocacy work in a way that clearly delivers on business and policy objectives.

I’ve included an overview of the events below – you’re welcome to sign up through the website (www.fivedaysofdigital.com) or just let me know which events you’d like to attend and I’ll make sure you’re on the list.

Also – if you can’t make it to these but are interested in hearing about some of the subject matter, feel free to contact us and set up a coffee or lunch with Brett Kobie, who heads our Digital, Social & Creative team.

All sessions take place at FH in Brussels from 10-11.30.

Session 1 (Monday 5 March): Social in 5
What will EU digital and social policy advocacy look like in 5 years?

How will EU policy advocacy change as technology evolves?  Well, as communicators and public affairs practitioners, that’s mostly up to us. In this session, we’ll look beyond the hype of emerging technologies and trends (think Chatbots, AI, AR, VR and voice) and imagine how they might be applied in concrete ways to the craft of policy advocacy.

Session 2 (Tuesday 6 March): Owning an issue online
Thinking beyond social to make your org the reference point on a particular topic

Struggling to break through the noise on a critical issue? On the wrong side of a negative narrative? In this session, we’ll talk about using research methods like search analysis and social listening to create content that reaches your audiences wherever they spend their time online, not just on social media.

Session 3 (Wednesday 7 March): Producing videos from idea to execution
A step-by-step process for creating quality video content

You know you want to make a video, but that’s all you know. Does that situation sound familiar? In this session, we’ll use a concrete example to walk you through a straightforward process for developing a video from the initial idea… to choosing the right format for your audience and budget…and even on to steps like copywriting and storyboarding. Whether you’re working with an external partner or going DIY, you’ll leave with a roadmap to get from A to Z.

Session 4 (Thursday 8 March): Building experiences
Moving from classic events to unforgettable physical & digital experiences

Events are a Brussels mainstay, because the Brussels bubble agrees that offline interactions are essential to building the relationships that drive policy change. In this session, we’ll talk about pop-ups, games and stunts that deliver your messages through unique experiences rather than through the filter of say, a standard panel discussion.

Session 5 (Friday 9 March): The best campaigns of 2017
Discover inspiring campaigns and the stories behind them

We’ve curated a selection of the campaigns from across the world (and our own favourites from the FH 2017 repertoire) designed to inspire your own creative public affairs and communications strategies. We’ll dissect each campaign with clear takeaways you can use to figure out what your org’s creative campaign might look like.