FleishmanHillard Talks Stunts with DSW and JA Europe

Laurence Childs

On 5th October 2017, FleishmanHillard hosted a group of Europe-based NGOs and industry representatives keen to glean further expertise on managing stunts and campaigns. This was an opportunity for everyone to share ideas and experiences, together gaining a better understanding of stunt use. The discussion focused on two simple questions: when and how should you employ stunts within a campaign?

The meeting was headed by David Turier, VP and member of the Social, Digital and Creative team. Two clients, JA Europe and DSW, had representatives present; and both generously took time to explain the process they had undergone, working with FleishmanHillard, to develop and execute effective campaign stunts. JA Europe’s campaign, ‘Switch On Europe’, had centred around a staged protest outside the European Parliament – helping to garner endorsement from three EU commissioners and 24 MEPs. Meanwhile, DSW had used its #TrumpetEurope stunt to raise further financial support from the EU, in light of reduced US healthcare funding. Using these as case studies, we were able to discuss the pros/cons of stunts, the best practices, and things to be avoided.

One key takeaway was that a stunt should never be done ‘for the sake of it’. When committing the time, energy and resources required for such an event, it’s important to be sure that it is the best option available. The story you are trying to tell needs to grab attention, but also has to resonate with the intended audience. FleishmanHillard is always looking at new, inventive ways of structuring campaigns.

The event allowed us to share our expertise, while also learning from the experiences of our guests. The points discussed – during the roundtable itself, and the lunch that followed – will hopefully spur us, and those who attended, on towards even more impactful future campaigns.