Winning over your EU policy niche, one LinkedIn post at a time

Brett Kobie

If everyone in the world is separated by six degrees, then everyone in the Brussels bubble is separated by one… on LinkedIn.

Let’s talk EU policy niches.

The Brussels bubble is small and its policy communities are even smaller. Mapping out the communities you are part of (or want to be part of) is Public Affairs 101. The need to build trust and credibility within your specific niche is priority one if your goal is to ultimately move the needle on policy.

To claim and maintain your seat at the negotiating table, you need to establish yourself as a trusted partner with a clear point of view—and you need to add value on consistent basis.

Simply showing up and asking for things is a tried and tested non-starter.

How does one go about building credibility and gaining respect in a particular EU policy niche?

For most, the answer will include a mix of channels and tactics with meetings and events at the top of the list. But in between those meetings and events lies a golden opportunity to to build an enduring brand that helps build the capital needed to make policy change happen.

Below you’ll find the FleishmanHillard Digital, Social & Creative Team’s guide to thought leadership on LinkedIn.

It’s a two-minute read and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks to the crowd at Five days of digital for being a great test audience back in May.