25 Years of Shaping the Future

25 Years of Shaping the Future

FH Brussels Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Rain clouds cleared and public transport strikes were put aside as former and current staff, friends and clients gathered at Cercle du Lorraine to celebrate 25 years of consultancy excellence. FleishmanHillard, the largest consultancy in Brussels celebrated their milestone anniversary on the evening Tuesday May 31st.

Global CEO John Saunders kicked off the evening with a toast to the agency’s transformation into EMEA’s leading public affairs consultancy.

The team celebrated in style as the venue featured live music, unlimited champagne and vibrant designs and décor. It was recognized as the “Party Du Jour” and “Top Event in Brussels on Tuesday Night” in Politico publications.

“The 25th anniversary of the consultancy FleishmanHillard (yes, it’s one word …). Good to see so many M.E. readers and financial services bigwigs (the two often go together). Excellent champagne too.”-Franceso Guerrera, Politico Morning Exchange.

The Brussels team also sought to showcase future aspirations. With the “25 Years of Shaping the Future” strap-line present throughout the venue, the event also featured what was called the “FH TRUE IQ.” TV screens transported from the office lined the walls and featured optimistic quotes from staff members regarding the future of FH, the EU and public affairs. Listed below are a few sample quotes from senior staff members.

“In the future the decisive factor in understanding and influencing politics will be your own integrity and your respect for others”

“With the advent of cost efficient online solutions, polling will increasingly be a central element to public affairs strategies in Brussels”

“In the future the way politics, business and peoples’ personal sphere will integrate will revolutionise the way we look at all 3 areas”

The event saw the attendance of many noteworthy guests – within the FH community and beyond. International Advisory Board member Prof. Gunter Verheugen made an appearance as well as a selection of reporters from key Brussels media POLITICO.

Other representatives of FH public affairs excellence worldwide were also made the trip to join the celebration including Kris Balderston (FH Washington D.C.), Jim Donaldson (FHF London), Hanning Kempe with Judith Kleinemeyer (FH Berlin) and Jacques Bettelheim (FH Amsterdam.)

Guests had the opportunity to converse with representatives of the greater Omnicom network including the new CEO, Karen van Bergen, President of DAS Dale Adams and Presidents of DAS Europe Emma Sergeant.

Aside from lovely accommodations and attendance of noteworthy guests, it was the quality and spirit of the Brussels team and the atmosphere they created that illuminated the evening. “You are a special bunch of people and that it was made the atmosphere so great last night,” CEO Caroline Wunnerlich wrote her team in an email the following day.