The European Commission’s ‘Energy Security Package’: FH Outcome and Analysis

On Tuesday, 16 February, the European Commission published the much anticipated ‘Energy Security Package’– its first significant energy initiative for 2016. This suite of proposals seeks to implement the part of the framework put in place by the EU’s Energy Union that concerns energy security issues and particularly natural gas. The package reinforces the existing energy security framework by updating legislation on security of gas supply, enhancing transparency and the role of the Commission in intergovernmental energy agreements, and defining new strategies for LNG and gas storage, as well heating and cooling.

In this analysis, the FH Energy team gives insight into each of the the four sides of the ‘Energy Security Package,’ an overview of stakeholders reactions and social media discussion surrounding the package, as well as views from FleishmanHillard experts Matt Hinde and Chris Davies.

In our  Energy Union timeline we outline all the legislative proposals that can be expected throughout 2016, which has been referred to as “the year of implementation”.

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FH Analysis Energy Security Package 2016