5 tips for creating great e-mail newsletters

Brett Kobie

It’s the oldest channel in your digital arsenal and sometimes the most effective.
It’s e-mail.

As ubiquitous as modern social channels may be, finding the totality of your audience there can be difficult. What do you do when your target group swears by a strict daily diet of the FT’s print version,  the BBC News homepage (reached by bookmark) and their organisations’ intranets?

You tap into the what is arguably the longest running (kind of) social network in the digital sphere – electronic mail.

The below shouldn’t be the last thing you read on tackling e-mail newsletters (the online scholarship on this is massive so have a look around), but for many, it may be the first. Keep these five tips in mind to get the most out of your e-mail newsletter.

Get the 7-slide deck here or just scroll down.