Social media and "content" explained with stick figures

Brett Kobie

It used to be that a only a handful of media outlets (television, radio, print) had the resources to blast information to the masses. We all agreed to listen and stay tuned if we found that information relevant, useful and/or entertaining.But today everyone can talk to everyone. Traditional media is still around, but we can circumvent it if we want to and go straight to our target audience.

And we’re happy to listen to what others are saying if they come to where we “live” on social channels and offer information that we find relevant, useful and/or entertaining.

But because there are so many of us talking, we have to differentiate ourselves and focus on what our specific audiences need. We need to bring the right information (often called “content”) to the right people on the right channel. So our approach might start to look like this:

Or this:

Once we’ve identified our audience and the stuff (content) they’re interested in, we can start to build a relationship. We can reach them once or twice with something they like and respond well to, but hitting them on a regular basis with stuff they find relevant, useful and/or entertaining, can be much more effective.

So, instead of a peak followed by a flatline that looks like this:

We want a steady drumbeat of information flow that keeps us top of mind with our audience.