The same broom for the last twenty years


I’m not the only person to have recently returned to FH Brussels. Last night we welcomed back many of those who have made us what we are today at drinks for FH Alumni in our offices. Like any organization that’s been around a while we’ve seen our fair share of colleagues come and go. Yet there’s still a sense of stability around the place. I’ve worked out that our current management team has a combined FH lifespan of 96 years (average of 9.6 years). That’s some organizational memory for any agency in any market.

As an FH old timer (9 years and counting), it was great to see so many former colleagues and current friends in one place. Our reception and meeting area on the second floor may be shiny and new, but for those returning it seemed, to me at least, that the feeling was one of returning home.

The event reminded me of a story told by Michael Berendt when he finally moved back to the UK a few of years ago (he still remains a colleague and writes an interesting blog on EU affairs here). Michael compared FH Brussels to Trigger’s broom in a scene from the UK TV sitcom Only Fools and Horses. I’ll not spoil this classic piece of British television comedy for you, it’s embedded above for your viewing pleasure. I think you’ll get the message.

Thanks to all of those handles and brush heads who turned up last night. You’ve made this broom what it is. We look forward to seeing you all again for our 20th birthday bash in June.


btw – it’s great to be back inside the Brussels Bubble. Look forward to getting back in the groove and posting on this blog in the coming weeks. Next post from me will contrast D.C. and Brussels from a P.A. perspective, unless something else takes my fancy.


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