Ordinary mortals are more than welcome

The new AER superhero is not required to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound – Image by Garu_ via Flickr
Whilst checking that our own advert for a new intern* was on the EuroBrussels website I noted that the Assembly of European Regions is currently advertising for applications to become their new Subsidiarity Superhero.
[Full disclosure – I was an intern with the AER in Strasbourg about 10 years ago. At that time Subsidiarity Man had not yet arrived on planet earth.]
The task of this particular superhero is to gain recognition for the word “subsidiarity“. It’s not quite saving Gotham City from the Joker or catching Lois as she falls off yet another skyscraper but all the same it’s a pretty tall order. “Ok, it’s a word I admit it. Now please take me back down to earth Subsidiarity Man!”
The new superhero would not appear to need to come with the ability to fly – see the current Subsidiarity Man’s attempt to fly off Mostar’s famous bridge. The AER are however keen that aspiring applicants have a range of other abilities, most of which are related to being a proven internet savvy campaigner. Applications consisting of a home-made YouTube video are encouraged.
We can laugh but I think it’s great that an association of regions like the AER is (1) harnessing the internet (2) doing in a fun way that attracts attention.
Over here at FH we sometimes get carried away with our own abilities but more often than not accept that we are but mere mortals.
*You’ll note that our internship in our Chemicals, Energy and Transport team is a renumerated one. We’re also currently looking for Account Executives for our Financial Services and ICT practices.

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