Now, what's the definition of dialogue?

Kudos to the EPP group for their new website – DialogueTV. It features a centrally placed, embedded video player and an easy channel-selection feature, allowing one to watch videos sorted into the areas of Climate Change, Demographic Change, A Prosperous Europe, A Safer Europe and Europe in the World. It looks and feels a lot like the EPP-ED tv site, coincidentally.

The Welcome to DialogueTV (Winter Introduction) video says, “Please do send us your questions on the issues and we will put them to the EPP members.” Above the player, at the top left of the web page, a  little gray button can be used to: “Send us your comments”. I looked on the site and did not see any list or display of the comments that the EPP has received, or the EPP’s response to any received comments, or even other viewers comments on previous comments, as on YouTube. So, as it stands, I don’t see much dialogue.

[Update – a nod to Julien Frisch who also notices something strange about the name of DialogueTV]

The European political groups with a web ‘TV’ platform are:

Groups with a YouTube video channel and usually some sort of video archive:

Of course, there is also EuroparlTV. Any other video sites that we’re missing?


Julien Frisch
February 04, 2009 | 2:28 PM

I prefer to call it MonologueTV...