Obama Web 2.0 campaign webinar

We’ve been a bit quiet recently, in part due to a mad year end, but one internal event I had time to attend was an internal FH webinar on the use of digital in the Obama campaign.

I know, we’ve heard this all before you say. In fact, we’re going to kill the next person who mentions Obama’s use of the internet in his campaign.

Nevertheless the webinar, which you can view here, sees some of most practiced practitioners from election campaigning and digital public affairs talk about the challenges and successes of the campaign.

On the call are Robert Hoopes Jr. President of our Vox brand and a former staffer for Biden, Jim Margolis of our GMMB brand, a campaign strategist for Obama, as well as the head of our formidably large digital operations in D.C. Dan Horowitz.

As such, it’s worth a watch over the Christmas period.

Merry Christmas.


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obama barack
March 12, 2009 | 9:24 PM

TV is still the single most important medium to have coverage in but obama is good, true, and the web2.0 thing worked as well for him. I am not surprised that the Obama team puts such stock in technology. After all, his Internet fundraising campaign was responsible for over half their fundraising during the campaign.