We put our hands up...

You may have noted that we’ve been a bit quiet lately. Blogging is, as they say, a fulltime occupation. As we already have at least one of them, it’s been a challenge recently to keep you up to date as we hit a real wall of work.

We promise to do better in the coming weeks as we build up to a European public affairs event in early December hosted by our friends at European Agenda magazine. We shall be running one of the workshops on digital public affairs, and sharing some of the insights we’ve been gathering in recent months. We hope to have a lively discussion with some of you. Details to follow as we get them.

Thankfully, in the current credit crunched world, our little office on the square is doing a bit more than fine. In fact, some of us could do with another summer vacation already. Those poor unfortunate souls who kept the office ticking over during the summer certainly did a good job. One fruit of this summer labour is the launch of a new website for one of our clients in the chemicals/plastics field. It is supported some SEM. You can check it out here. Comments more than welcome.