Let them eat cake!


Given that the roof fell in on the Strasbourg Parliament building over the summer, MEPs supporting the one seat campaign have staged an event in the European Parliament to protest about the fact that they have to trek down to Strasbourg where they all don hard hats (see video above). Laughing at how they look aside, we have a feeling that despite the continued protest the French will be quite prepared to let them continue to eat cake.


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September 25, 2008 | 7:15 PM

Ralph, don't get more wrong I like the town, it's a swell place for drinks and long nights (I was an Erasmus student down there a decade ago) but trekking down for three nights a month can wear a little thin. Thankfully we have a rota, so FH always has at least two people down - irrespective of client needs - and then others for specific reasons. Means we get the fun without the hastle of going down there once a month. J

September 25, 2008 | 7:01 PM

I had a European Parliament internship in the early 90s (with Mary Banotti of Ireland). Never really understood why we headed to Strasbourg each month, but loved it nonetheless. Was basically a week-long party.