Roadtripping for Europe

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This summer, scores of Europeans will strap their sandals on over their black socks, get some sun on those pasty shoulders of theirs and engage in the yearly southward migration ritual.  While some will stay within the confines of their Member State, others will scour the farthest reaches of the Schengen area in search of Europe’s greatest nude beaches.

The Newropeans are not amongst the aforementioned.  Nay, these selfless troubadors will donate their summer to the cause of spreading the European gospel.

Er, something like that.

I quote:

“20 teams of 4 Europeans will go by camper vans from mid July to the 3rd week of August along the European coasts in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium and Holland to meet Europeans and promote Newropeans.
Newropeans will pay the fuel, the camper vans rental and of course the materials to distribute. The teams will take care of the rest.”

“The rest”?  Surely they’re referring to the cans of Carlsberg and packs of Gauloises.  But wait – it gets better.

“10 teams of Europeans (between 3 and 10 people) will go to main European rock festivals to meet Europeans and promote Newropeans.”

Sound too good to be true?  That’s because it is – the Newropeans are not out to promote “sea, sex and sun”.  No, they’ll be getting the message out about the 2009 European elections.  But as the American elections have taught us, what better way to promote awareness of upcoming elections than “sea, sex and sun“?

James has brought it to my attention that young Republicans in the US (yes, all old men were young once) are doing something similar to this – (quote) “fun and awesome”.

“The Where Is The Red crew is connecting GOP districts from coast-to-coast to support GOP candidates and stopping along the way to help Republican challengers” – all while blogging their way across the US.

Rising petrol prices be damned!  I’ll be following them (via their blogs) and wishing I was in a caravan somewhere between here and anywhere.

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